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Every time someone throws a depleted printer cartridge into the trash, more plastic is added to the growing mountain of waste in our landfills, plastic which could take hundreds of years to decompose.



                                             The alternative?  Refill those empty inks and toners,

                                        saving your pocketbook and the earth's precious resources.




Bay Ink and Toner has been serving the Oakland and Greater East Bay Area for over 15 years! We are your best Independent Local resource for Refurbished Ink and Toner supplies for your printer, copier or fax machine.


At Bay Ink and Toner we refill your inkjet cartridges (both black and color) using the finest quality ink. We completely refurbish and refill your toner cartridges (both black and color) to produce print quality as sharp and long-lasting as the original---Guaranteed.


By re-using the plastic housing, (which can be refilled over and over again), we reduce the flow of plastic into the wastestream and enable you to re-purpose that cartridge rather than throw it away.


Bay Ink and Toner is locally-owned and conveniently located in Oakland's Rockridge neighborhood, on College Avenue at the corner of Harwood Street (one block south of Claremont Ave.)





Who Shops at Bay Ink and Toner?




For over 15 years we've been providing inks and toners to UCB and local schools both public and private, non-profits and local governments in the Berkeley-Oakland-Emeryville-Alameda area. Our products can be found in the homes and offices of anyone who uses a printer:



    School and University Offices



    Medical Offices


    Accountanting Offices


    City and County Offices

    Auto Dealerships and Repair Shops





    Research Labs

    Engineering Firms




    Artists and Photographers

    Writers and Editors

    Court Stenographers

















                                 Call today to start saving! (510) 428-9500   Email:


                                                               All cartridges 100% Guaranteed!


                                                                 Ask about Free Local Delivery!








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Serving the East Bay for over 15 Years!











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